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Could your Business benefit from CCTV Monitoring?

Investing in security is often a major decision for business owners. It is often the case that in the unfortunate event of a break-in, it’s a decision they wish they had considered more fully.

Every site is unique and faces different challenges in regards to site security. We’ve highlighted a few situations where CCTV monitoring could benefit and potentially enhance your business operations.

Have you recently moved premises?

Moving premises is a major undertaking for any business, so make sure when you do, you have appropriate security systems in place.

If you’re moving into a completely new area, it’s important to identify the potential threats of the surrounding area and check local crime reports. Businesses within the area could be prone to break-ins and vandalism, especially when unoccupied.

Having your premises professionally monitored can deter intruders from entering your site. Our operators have the ability to issue verbal warnings and inform potential intruders that they’re being monitored and need to leave the area immediately.


Receiving Deliveries

When working in a fast paced environment, employees have little time to be interrupted by letting delivery drivers and visitors in. 

Our Remote Concierge service helps to overcome this issue and also operates during out of hours. Our operators require audio or visual confirmation of delivery drivers and visitors via an intercom, before permitting them access to your site. Our operators can essentially do everything an on-site security guard can do, by allowing entry and exit to authorised visitors and deliveries. Saving your business both time and money.



Does your business store valuable stock & assets?

If your business model consists of mail order fulfilment, your premises are likely to be home to valuable inventory. These types of storage facilities are increasingly being targeted by criminals.

In the event of an alarm, a monitored CCTV system will allow our operators to access images from your CCTV cameras and act immediately. The sooner an incident is detected, the less time there is available for loss. If the intruders remain on-site, our operators will analyse the threat and follow an agreed response plan procedure. If criminal activity is taking place, our operators will contact the police. 

Working late at night

If you’re working late, it often means you have the onerous task of locking-up, often by yourself. For some people, the responsibility of locking-up after work can be quite stressful. 

Similarly, if you have to return to the premises out of hours it can be a daunting prospect, particularly if there has been a ‘false’ alarm reported.

Our Any Time Access services allow you to call us and request live monitoring. Providing you with the reassurance of knowing that you’re not alone and one of our highly-trained experts is watching over you to ensure you enter and leave the premises safely.

Lone workers

Employees that work alone can often feel worried and vulnerable during their shifts. Our Staff Safeguard service is designed to help protect lone workers and reassure them that they’re not alone.

The app-based solution provides employees with various options that are suitable to overcome most situations. Not only will this enhance employee safety, but it will also boost employee confidence and increases their job satisfaction.



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