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Remote Concierge

This service allows us to manage the entry to your premises and is based on interfacing audio/visual communication through an intercom, CCTV or Access Control system to the Alert Monitoring Control Centre. To gain entrance to the premises, our operator requires audio or visual confirmation of an individual before permitting access to the site.

This is often used at the entrance of a building where visitors and delivery drivers can be granted/denied permission to enter, remotely via an Alert Monitoring operative. This service helps reassure business owners that their premises are managed and protected.

Remote concierge acts as a way of reducing staffing costs by removing the requirement for security guards and receptionists.


  • Reduce reliance on site based staff and guarding
  • 24/7 control of all entrances and exits
  • Secure method
  • Convenience


  • Two-way audio connections to facilitate access via doors and gates.
  • Intercom and cameras
  • Potential to install an overview camera for additional security
  • Concierge can manage multiple sites
  • Operates during out of hours