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Any Time Access

Our Any Time Access service allows you to call us and request live monitoring so that our operators can proactively monitor your site and support you should you have to attend the site.

This virtual chaperone-like service provides key holders with constant updates on the activity at their site, allowing them to make informed decisions on how to handle certain situations when they get to the site. It can also be beneficial for employees that are working late at night and require assistance getting to their cars and leaving the premises.


  • Acts as an additional layer of protection
  • Reassurance knowing that you have an expert helping you to handle the situation
  • Continuous updates on the activity of an intruder
  • Allows regular checks to be made on alone or remote workers


  • Notification of alarm activation
  • Ability to oversee the safety of the key holder as they attend site
  • Contact emergency services if required
  • A highly trained control centre team that is well experienced when dealing with intruders