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Staff Safeguard

Working alone can often be an uncomfortable experience for employees as some may feel vulnerable and insecure. Staff Safeguard has been designed to help protect lone workers and reassure them that they’re not alone.

Our staff Safeguard service is an app-based solution that turns a smart device into a safety tool for lone workers. The solution can operate in any environment where there is a data signal available.


  • Boosts employees confidence.
  • Enhances employee safety.
  • Reduces the potential for damage and theft.
  • Increases job satisfaction.


  • Live audio warning.
  • Immediate response to button activation.
  • Emergency services can be contacted if criminal activity is witnessed.
  • Operators are able to watch and listen to alarmed situations.

Additional Lone Worker Solutions include:

Time Sessions 

Employees are able to start a time session before they start their shift or their journey to work.

Starting a timer triggers a countdown and GPS tracking can be viewed in the Hub. If an employee fails to end their session safely, an expiry alert will be sent to monitor.

Panic Button

Should an employee feel threatened by a customer, they are able to push a comfort button to activate a live CCTV video and audio link to our remote video response centre. A specialist operator will then watch and listen, safeguarding the staff. If the operator witnesses aggressive behaviour, a firm audio message is broadcasted. Should the initial message fail to deter the intruder, further messages will follow increasing pressure on the aggressor.

Duress PIN

If an employee is forced to cancel or delete the app, a false pin can be entered to appear as if the session has been cancelled when in fact a panic alert will be triggered.

Low Battery

Low battery warnings allow you to remind an employee to charge their phone if it is running low.


Fixed check-in periods can be set within a session. Employees are able to check-in at any point within this time to confirm they’re safe.  Failure to do so will raise a missed check-in notification.

Discreet panic

Panic alerts can be triggered discreetly using the phones power button, raising an alert from the users pocket or handbag.

Man down

If an employee has not moved for a prolonged period and hasn’t checked-in, a ‘non-movement’ alarm trigger in case there’s been an accident. 

Audible Alerts

Lone workers are prompted when their session is nearing its expiry to reduce false alerts.