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Virtual Keyholding

In the event of an intruder alarm activation, a connection to a site can be made where our SIA accredited operators can view CCTV images and advise the attending keyholder in real time the situation at their site before they arrive.

We are on call for you 24 hours a day and if our operators have visual verification and can confirm unusual activity on site, they can begin to initiate an appropriate response plan.

The Virtual Keyholding service provides accurate updates of all site activity, reassuring customers that their premises are being monitored by experts.


  • Operators are experienced in handling challenging situations.
  • Visual verification from live CCTV footage.
  • Lighting can be integrated and used as a deterrent.
  • Reduces the requirement for manned guards.
  • Reduce potential damage and theft.
  • Prevents the keyholder from being disturbed by false alarm activation.


  • Upon notification to our control centre, we view live images and advise attending key holders.
  • Operators can access your CCTV to view activity on-site.
  • Should operators witness criminal activity, they have the authority to contact the appropriate emergency services.
  • Update key holder on the activity at the site.